Products and Services


We offer a full range of high quality traditional and modern Carpentry and Joinery products and services.

Structural Carpentry:

Design and manufacture of mortise and tenon timber frames. Using Graded Oak or Douglas Fir for Houses, Extensions, Balconies, Outbuildings, Roofs, Garages, Porches and other Heavy Oak Structures. We also make Heavy Structural Staircases and Furniture using dried hardwoods.

Timber Conversion:

Saw milling. We can source air or kiln dried sawn timbers in various dimensions. We can specify and procure Planed and Prepared timber (P&P) from British & European Broad leaved and Coniferous timbers including: Oak, Elm, Ash, Lime, Beech, Douglas Fir, Larch, Yew and other varieties.


We provide a three stage design & build process based on personal consultation and site visits. You can engage with us for a 1st estimate with sketches, a 2nd estimate with first draft of working drawings and provisional cutting list. Through discussing your project with you and your architect we can move from general ideas and approximate costs through sketches and cutting lists to arrive at the final set of updated workshop drawings and an accurate quotation. Manufacture, deadlines, delivery & erection lead smoothly from this process.


We offer local authority planning advice and support. We also offer project management advice and services.


We can also survey and design for foundations. Regulations for heavy structural frame footings are similar to that for conventional block, masonry or brick build. We have much experience of site surveys, soil surveys, drain surveys and working with foundations and foundation experts.


The design process for frames is best started at the early stages. If possible at the initial planning application stage. As experienced and qualified carpenters, we can advise and help with vernacular and details relevant to the finished structure as a whole.

Structural Engineering:

We also work with structural engineers to ensure your frame is adequate in strength for the loads, strains and stresses involved. Usually this requires a first draft of Working Drawings with accurate spans, dimensions and Joints sections. In the workshop, we assess and Stress Grade all timber prior to laying out and marking up the timbers.

Working Drawings:

Updated workshop drawings are provided with our final quote. We ensure they include dimensions and proportions that reflect the subsequent use and finishing of the building both internally and externally. They also include any significant Joint / connection details.


We liaise with other building contractors, trades and scaffolders. We design the scaffold so that it serves all the needs of the build. Frames are delivered to site by lorry with onboard crane or forklift. We attend to stacking, hiring of crane for erection and assess use of space on-site. Smaller frames can be delivered and erected in a day or two with the use of a Genie hoist. Larger frames require a heavy mobile crane and two or more days to deliver and erect. We liaise with the crane driver ahead of erection to ensure a workable plan.


Rough sawn, planed, oiled or sand blasted.